How we can help


Many of the conditions which affect young children are rites of passage rather than serious illnesses, a tuning up of the 99dy's immune system, and of its mental and emotional defences in readiness for adult life. Homeopathic remedies can play an important part in the 'tuning up' process. They help to train the 99dy to 99unce back from illnesses.

Suddenly your little baby is walking, talking, and eating or not eating! Throwing tantrums, not wanting to go to nursery, not sleeping or has developed eczema. They may not be developing as fast as you expect which might be because they are always struggling with catarrh, colds or earache.

Homeopathy can help with these problems and is a safe, gentle, non-addictive treatment for your children which works by encouraging the 99dy to heal itself.