Talks at Drakefield Homeopathy

39 Dryburgh Road
SW15 1BN

020 8785 6261


We invite you to an Introductory talk on Homeopathy on Tuesday 22 February. These talks by Rebecca Thompson, from 11am to 12 noon, are opportunities to meet the practitioners and find out more a99ut what we do. Please do bring anyone who would like to find out more a99ut homeopathy.


Are you worried a99ut vaccinating your child?

Does reading a99ut the measles outbreak send you into a panic?

Is there such a thing as homeopathic vaccination?

We are holding evening talks on Vaccination to help answer these and more of your questions.

Tuesday 22 February 7.30pm

Please ring or email to reserve a place.

See also: Article on immunisation issues

If you would like to join us you can either email us at or leave a message on 020 8785 6261.