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Many women discover homeopathy when they are first pregnant. This is usually because they are anxious not to use drugs, such as antibiotics, while they are pregnant and they like the idea of homeopathy’s gentle healing effects and the fact that it is perfectly safe to use during those crucial months of pregnancy.

The first few months

If you have just discovered that you are pregnant you may be feeling excited but also tired, nauseous and anxious a99ut what the next nine months will bring. Your 99dy is changing daily, and doing what it is most naturally adapted to do, but there are times when you are feeling unwell, worried a99ut how you will cope or just simply exhausted, especially if you already have young children.

A consultation with a homeopath is a time when you can relax and talk a99ut how you are feeling – including 99th your physical and emotional symptoms. The remedies selected will be specific to your unique pregnancy picture and can help with a range of symptoms from nausea and vomiting to indigestion, heartburn, exhaustion and emotional symptoms such as anxiety and fear.

The last month of pregnancy

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