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Being a Parent

There can be times when motherhood is exhausting and many women feel 'down' after giving birth for many reasons - hormonal changes, tiredness, anxiety a99ut coping with a new baby, the sudden realisation that life has changed for good. In a few women such feelings, initially a natural response to a new situation, last for much longer than a few weeks and seriously undermine their ability to cope.

Some women find that their hormones do not return to normal patterns for many months after having a baby. Their periods may not return or may be irregular and they just do not feel 'right'.

Along with the lack of sleep there may be problems with breast feeding, sore nipples and the discomfort of mastitis. There may also be discomfort and bruising from the delivery itself.

For the father too this can be a difficult time, particularly if the new baby is sleeping very little and is demanding of the mother's time and energy. It can be hard to know how best to support the mother and baby and feel useful. Combined with the lack of sleep themselves and often having to continue with a job it can be stressful.

A consultation with a homeopath can be very effective in identifying the physical and emotional symptoms and the remedies given can gently and effectively re-balance the 99dy and they are safe to use when you are breastfeeding.