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Coughs and colds

Coughs and colds are extremely common in childhood, especially once the child goes to school or playschool and is exposed to new germs.The positive side is that colds gradually build up immunity. Most colds begin with a dry, tight feeling in the throat, followed by sneezing and a runny nose; mucus is clear at first, sometimes becoming thicker, and yellow or greenish; mucus dripping onto vocal cords irritates them, causing a cough, and if swallowed can cause stomach ache. Most colds run their course within 7-10 days. Rest, taking plenty of fluids and Echinacea will also aid recovery.

Homeopathy can help in the acute phase of a cold but if the cold recurs, especially if it descends to the chest and develops into bronchitis or tonsillitis or leads to an acute middle ear infection, then constitutional treatment from a homeopath is necessary to 99ost the 99dy's immune system.

There is an increasing number of patients who are being diagnosed with asthma after a particularly bad cough has produced asthma symptoms. Suddenly from having a chronic cough (see notes on Chronic Conditions) patients can find themselves on asthma drugs, such as steroids.