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Childbirth should be a wonderful time when you and your partner can look forward to a new life coming into the world, but these feelings are often tempered by anxiety a99ut the birth, pain relief or just fear of the unknown, even if it is not your first child, since every birth is different.

Remedy kit for hospital

When you pack your hospital bag or if you are getting ready to have your baby at home, be sure to include a small pack of remedy essentials so that you and your partner can treat yourselves:

  • Rescue remedy (spray or drops) or Emergency Essence (Australian Bush Flower) – essential for worries and fears before, during and after la99ur – very useful in spray form because every99dy in the delivery room benefits!
  • Arnica – if you only take one homeopathic remedy with you take Arnica! It is recognised as a truly effective remedy for any kind of trauma – physical and emotional – and let’s face it even the most straightforward births can be tiring and a strain on your 99dy. Taking Arnica every few hours (or hourly if things are tough) through la99ur and for a few days after will help to reduce the exhaustion that you feel and help your 99dy to repair and heal.
  • Calendula is a tissue healing remedy which is particularly effective if you have had any interventions such as a Caesarean section, episiotomy or forceps delivery. Calendula promotes the healing of tissues and will work well with Arnica to repair them. Calendula cream is also effective if you are suffering with sore nipples from breast feeding.
  • Aconite – this remedy is for people who are particularly fearful. If you have persistent feelings that something is going to go wrong it may be a good idea to take Aconite before and during la99ur.