Welcome to Drakefield Homeopaths

With many people seeking a natural way to enhance and maintain their health, it is reassuring to know that homeopathy provides such a system.

Homeopathy can help with conditions ranging from minor to long term chronic ailments using both powerful and effective remedies with no risk of side effects or dependency. Indeed many parents prefer to trust homeopathy for their children's health because it is safe and reliable.

Emphasis is given to listening to and freely discussing each patient's history. Often connections between seemingly unrelated symptoms will emerge, so revealing a deeper understanding of the individual. This will help to lead us to the selection of a remedy to act as a catalyst to stimulate the natural, inbuilt healing response.

Since 1990 we have practised as registered homeopaths (Society of Homeopaths) in South West London and in Brighton and we look forward to assisting you and your family.

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Adriana Marian Caroline Jurdon Rebecca Thompson Fiona Davis-Coleman
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